Air Prune Roots Pot For Plant Cultivation

Air Prune Roots Pot For Plant Cultivation

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Air Prune Roots Pot for Plant Cultivation

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Product Name

Air Prune Roots Pot for Plant Cultivation





Outer Dia





7 gallon/ 25.4L


Black, white, customized


Eco-friendly, durable, reusable, recyclable, customized




Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Nursery, etc.

Product Description

In nature, a plant’s roots can grow wherever they please. In a container, of course, there’s a firm border to their growth space. Because of this, the roots will butt up against the wall and often continue to grow along it, creating the root-bound spiral shape so common in potted plants. The roots grow thick and intertwined, inhibiting nutrient and water access and possibly eventually strangling the plant.

Air pruning containers, however, stop the root’s growth at the wall of the container so that instead of wrapping around the wall, it sends out offshoots along its length, creating a stronger, more dispersed structure with many more root tips for accessing water and nutrients.

air pruning pot

Air pruning plants pots features are as follows:

☆ The top edge of the side wall of the air prune pot container without holes to prevent moisture from being overflow when watering.

☆ Its base has a special design, it can effectively drain, and the water permeability is very strong, so that your plants are not easy to rot and grow healthily.

☆ The real benefits of using our root pruning pot are that they can eliminate root circling.

☆ Air permeability and not easy to deformation, high survival rate, easy transporting.

☆ Pruning air plants pot can be used for saplings, trees, flowers, plants, herbs, etc. Perfect for garden, nursery.

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