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1020 Size Seedling Tray for Hemp Cultivation
Jan 08, 2020

Hemp acreage has increased year by year, growers hope to capitalize on this relatively recently legalized and lucrative crop. Many vegetable growers are also moving into the hemp market, as vegetables and hemp planting and growing times often don’t overlap. This means many growers are looking for the right seedling trays.

If you are looking to start a hemp nursery, you don’t have to waste money buying large cell container. Our hemp propagation trays are extremely popular in the industry, because they are designed to produce consistent, exceptional quality plants in a cost-effective way.


A hemp plant will start living well in a 2"-3" deep vegetable tray. 1020 size seedling tray is perfect for hemp cultivation, it has many individual slots, ensure many plants into your growing space as possible, to maximize your return on investment.

They can be used with humidity dome, ensure each hemp seed has the ideal temperature and humidity levels. If you are growing plants in greenhouse, these plants can be very easily pulled and transplanted into bigger pots and containers without damaging or hurting the plant.

Grow hemp

All our hemp trays has root ribs. These prevent root circling and encourage numerous, vigorous & natural root growth for an exceptional root ball. Both the tough construction and excellent root structure mean seedlings can be more easily transplanted into the field, either by manual or automatic machinery.

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