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1200*1000mm Nestable Plastic Pallet With Open Deck
Jul 23, 2021

1200*1000mm nestable plastic pallet with open deck, provide solutions for logistics warehousing and transportation.

1200*1000mm Plastic pallet has a grid-shaped deck and fork openings on all four sides, can be used to support and transport goods, and can be lifted using a pallet truck or forklift truck (sold separately). The skid is made of polyethylene, which won't splinter like wood can, may be wiped clean, and is resistant to dents and corrosion. Fork openings on all four sides allow the skid to be accessed with a pallet truck or forklift truck from any side. The grid-shaped decks allow liquid to drain. Two or more skids can be stacked for storage. This skid has a static load capacity of 500 kgs. and a dynamic load capacity of 1,000 kgs., weighs 7.58 kgs.This product is intended for use in professional and industrial environments.


Pallets are low platforms that can support heavy loads, and that can be lifted and transported using a pallet truck or forklift truck. Pallets can be made of wood, polyethylene, steel, aluminum, cardboard, or other materials. Loads may be bundled and secured to the pallet using straps or stretch wrap. Four-way pallets can be lifted and moved with a pallet truck or forklift truck from any side. Pallets may be color-coded for identifying and segregating different types of loads, or to indicate load capacity. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recognizes six standard pallet sizes, with the most common size in North America being 48 x 40 inches (W x D). Pallets without a bottom deck are called skids. Pallets can be used in warehouses, stockrooms, manufacturing and shipping facilities, and other industrial environments.


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