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21 hole seed tray; round cell tray; large plastic seed tray
Dec 06, 2016

21T cells plastic seed tray, suitable plant tree, vegetable. 

Product Detail:

1.Tray size:540*280(mm)

2.Cell hight:103(mm)

3.Cell sytle: round

4.Cell volume:200(cc)

5.Thickness: 1.2 mm

6.Weight: 185g

The advantages of using seedling tray :

(1) save the amount of seeds, reduce production costs.

(2) Grow seedlings tidy, to maintain the consistency of plant 

   seedling growth.

(3) can be used with a variety of manual and automatic planter 

   supporting the use of centralized management, and improve 

   work efficiency.

(4) transplanting does not damage the root system, Seedling growth

   rapid, high survival rate

Product Features:

1.Wall thickness easy to transpot, round and hight hole is more 

conducive to tree and plant growing root.

2.Durable, suitable for 8-10 times of repeated use. However, 

before use to carry out disinfection cleaning, must be thoroughly

cleaned before use to dry.

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