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2mm grafting clips, How to graft eggplant
Nov 24, 2016

       2mm grafting clips, How to graft eggplant

Grafting method:

(1) splicing method: When the rootstock to 6 to 7 true leaves, scion length to 5 to 6 true leaves, can be grafted. Choose rootstock and scion paired, the rootstock 2 true leaves of the upper part, with the blade cross-section to remove the upper, and then in the middle of the stem cross-section depth of 1.0 ~ .5 cm incision; take scion seedlings retained 2 to 3 Slice true leaves, cross-cut to remove the bottom, and then carefully cut into a wedge-shaped incision length of the incision equivalent, then the scion into the rootstock incision, aligned, with a grafting clip clamp firmly on the seedbed on the ground.



(2) Sticking and scion size and the same as above, the first stock to retain two true leaves, remove the lower part, and then cut into a 30-degree angle slope, slope length 1 ~ 1.5 cm; take scion, keep 2 to 3 True leaves, cross-cut to remove the bottom, but also cut into the same size with the stock slope, both aligned, close, with a fixed clip can be firmly clamped.


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