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5 Features Of Plastic Pallet
Jul 03, 2019

Plastic pallets have the advantages of recyclable, high strength and long service life. They are important tools for modern transportation, storage and packaging.


It is a pad consisting of forklift enter and load surface that can carry many of cargo, and is main means of converting static goods into dynamic goods. Widely used in food storage, medicine, mechanic, chemicals, auto parts and other warehousing industries.



1、Simple, effective stringer and time-tested pallet design-3 runners base.

2、Smooth, crevice-free surfaces for easy cleaning and sterilization. Prevent harboring of contaminants.

3、Pallets produce with steel tubes reinforced, can widely use for racking load, load capacity can reached to 1,200kgs.

4、Plastic pallets may be fitted with optional anti-slip strip,safe rim or anti-slid pad to keep contents from slipping.

5、4 way entry is compatible with nearly all fork trucks and hand trucks.

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