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6 Features of Mini Greenhouse
Nov 22, 2019

Mini greenhouse protects plants from inclement weather and provides a better environment for plant growth.

Our mini greenhouse can easily centralized management, saving time and effort, ensures the healthy and robust growth of your plants.

Mini greenhouse-usage photo5

1. The dome and growing tray close well and forms a tight seal seal to maintain warmth and humidity.

2. Clear dome allows you to easily observe your plants, also prevents birds to eat your seeds.

3. Seed tray has drain holes at bottom of each cell for proper drainage, reduce roots oversaturating.

4. Flat tray bottom has special design that will not leak water and easy to clean.

5. Speeds germination and improves seedling success.

6. Ideal use for succulents, tomatoes, peppers, bonsai and small plants, good helper for your garden life.

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