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6 Types of Aluminium Blinds Slats
Feb 12, 2020

1. Wood Grain Series

Simulation effect is clear, with the natural sense and cordial of wood

Wood Grain Series

2. Printing Series

A wide range of printing slats with new patterns.

Rich in a variety of fashionable element

Printing Series

3. Metallic Color Series

There are metallic nobility and aluminum slat soft

Rigird and soft coexist

Metallic Color Series

4. Pearly Series

They have pearl luster, elegance and colorful

Pearly Series

5. Brushed Series

The slats with a metal texture, appearance of soft

Brushed Series

6. Perforate Series

Good light transmission, but it can ensure indoor privacy don't leak.

Various perforated design to make art and practical perfect union.

Perforate Series

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