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Advantages of folding large boxes and precautions for use
Oct 16, 2018

Advantages of folding large boxes and precautions for use

1. Fast folding, saving space and reducing logistics and turnover costs.

2, the service life is 10 times longer than the wooden box, the weight is lighter than the metal box, the product is integrally formed and durable.

3. The plastic folding turnover box is easy to clean, clean and beautiful.

Other considerations for using a folded large foldable box

1. Handle gently, do not expose to the sun, moisture and dust

2. When unfolding the box, pay attention to the buckle to be in place. Do not wear the buckle frequently, otherwise the box will not be buckled or the buckle will not be secure.

3. Boxes should not be severely hit and hit hard.

4. Please make the cabinet at -30 and +60 degrees. If the box is used for less than the negative temperature, the service life will be shortened. The color of the box above 60 degrees and the cabinet itself will change. Will reduce the service life.

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