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Advantages of Industrial Plastic Pallets
Dec 02, 2019

1. Stackable plastic pallets are moisture-proof, vermin proof, and corrosion-resistant.

2. Environmental protection is good, the plasticpallet is non-toxic and odorless, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, easy to clean and disinfect, non-decay, recyclable, in line with environmental requirements.

3. Low cost of use. By improving the structural design and using steel bars reinforced, the rigidity and strength are greatly improved. Anti-slip mat design make the pallet smooth surface, improve the adaptability and service life of the use environment, can reduce the use cost.

plastic pallets

4. Compatible with mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic forklifts to complete the loading, unloading and stacking of cargo.

5. Industrial plastic pallets are suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, clothing, shoemaking, electronics, electrical appliances, ports, docks, catering, biomedicine, machinery hardware, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, three-dimensional warehousing, logistics and transportation, warehouse handling, storage shelves, auto parts, beer and beverage, electronic and electrical textile printing and dyeing, printing and packaging, Logistics centers and other industries.

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