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Advantages of Plastic Flower Pots
Oct 27, 2016

    Advantages of Plastic Flower Pots

Now the use of plastic flower pots than clay pots are very high, its shape is very small, the style and color are also varied. Such as rectangular flower pots, hanging pots, Diaopen, automatic watering pots, such as water testing.

Plastic pots than the traditional porcelain pots, watering less frequently, the price is relatively cheaper ,not destructive, durable. This material pots can be made into a variety of shapes, so the choice is a lot of people . Can be in the balcony, the top floor terrace, yard used, as long as the sunny place can be used to spend the plastic flower pots.


• Types

1. Flower base nursery and urban landscaping

This kind of flower pot color is single, the price is cheap, initial the single color is Brick red straight edge, in 2005 appeared the Injection molding pot also called the double color flower pot, this kind of flower pot price is more inexpensive, black inside, terra-cotta outside .This can avoid the sun drying plant roots, contribute to the root developed. It is commonly used in cultivation, anthurium, cyclamen, pineapple, etc., and this flowerpot texture is very light, the use of high-quality polypropylene paper as raw material to solved single-color flowerpot crushing deformation easily broken Of the shortcomings, Easy to transport, From cultivation to sales can be used, Has become the mainstream market products. Common specifications: 90MM, 100MM, 120MM, 140MM, 160MM, 180MM, 200MM.


2. Family flowers

Family flower pot with plastic flowers can be said to be multi-type, multi-color, and diverse. There are anti-porcelain, printing, the color is also very elegant, beautiful and generous, according to the different types of flowers there have been many types of flower pots, the main varieties are divided into AC-type flower pots, Chlorophytum, rectangular basin, Pots, basins, basins, wall pots, etc. This type of pots are also equipped with a variety of styles of flowerpot tray, a round lace, round wave, square, universal casters. The main purpose of using the flowerpot tray is to catch the excess moisture to reduce the stain on the floor. And can effectively control the water, which casters at the bottom of the tray with 3 -4 at the wheel, to facilitate the movement of large flowers. An effective solution to large-scale floral inconvenient to move the drawbacks.


3. kinds of vegetable pots

This pot is derived from the plastic pots, some home users try to grow vegetables in ordinary plastic pots, the effect is very good, so there is now a fire balcony vegetables, the basin is rectangular-based, hard quality is not easy Damage, carrying weight are generally more than 80kg.



Injection molding process is the plastic material PE or PE mixed with plastic injection molding machine to melt into the high-pressure plastic pot mold into the cooling molding, with the robot out, into a semi-finished products, and some can be sold directly, and some also Requires printing. Blister process is the same sheet of plastic raw materials extruded into a film, and then through the molding machine to air pressure molding, punching machine in the punching process, the main process of the two-color flower pots, production speed is extremely fast, reducing Cost, not easily damaged and so on.


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