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Advantages of Tidal Irrigation
Aug 23, 2019

1. Tidal irrigation has a water-saving, efficient and completely closed system cycle, which can achieve more than 90% water and fertilizer use efficiency.

2. Tidal irrigation crops grow fast, and the seedling age is at least 1 day per week, which is higher than traditional seedlings.


3. It avoids the production of water film on the leaf surface of plants, so that the leaves receive more light and photosynthesis, so that transpiration absorb more nutrients from the root.

植床式潮汐灌溉图 (2)

4. Tidal irrigation can provide a stable moisture content of the root matrix and prevent the capillary root from dying near the edge and bottom of the container.


5. Tidal seedbed irrigation are very dry without weeds and can reduce the growth of fungi. Reduce the cost of management. 

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