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Air root pot consists of 3 parts
May 24, 2018

"Air root pot " consists of 3 parts

1. Rooting effect: There is a special film on the inner wall of the root-raising seedling container, and the air hole is formed on the top and bottom of the container, and the top of the container protrudes outwards. When the seedling root system grows out, it touches the air (hole on the side wall). Or any part of the inner wall, the apex will stop growing, and then three new roots sprout in the back of the apex and continue to grow downwards. When it touches the air (holes in the side wall) or any part of the inner wall, It stopped growing and made 3 new roots at the root. In this way, the number of roots is increased in steps of 3, which greatly increases the number of short and thick lateral roots, and the total amount of roots is 20-30 times higher than conventional field seedlings.

2, Root control: general nursery techniques, the main root is too long, lateral root development is weak. With conventional container nursery methods, seedling roots are very common. Rooting techniques can make the lateral roots short and thick, and have a large number of developments. At the same time, they limit the growth of the main roots and do not form roots that are entangled.

3. Process of promoting growth: Due to the dual functions of the root-controlling container and the substrate used, the roots of the seedlings develop robustly and can store large amounts of nutrients to meet the growing needs of the seedlings in the initial stage of planting, thus creating favorable conditions for the survival and rapid growth of the seedlings. It does not hurt the roots when transplanting, it does not need to beheaded, it is not subject to seasonal restrictions, the management procedure is simple, the survival rate is high, and the growth rate is high.

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