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Application of injection pots
Nov 14, 2016

      Application of injection pots & Features

Injection molding process is the plastic raw material pe or pe mixed with plastic injection molding machine to melt into the high-pressure plastic pot mold into the cooling molding, with the robot out, into a semi-finished products, and some can be sold directly, and some also Requires printing. Blister process is the same sheet of plastic raw materials extruded into a film, and then through the molding machine to air pressure molding, punching machine in the punching process, the main process of the two-color flower pots, production speed is extremely fast, reducing Cost, not easily damaged and so on.


Injection flower pot Features:

1. Standard color in Terracotta, Black and Green.

2. Easyly handling through automated potting equipment.

3. Allows air and moisture exchange while improving drainage and minimizing pathogens.

4.made from high-grade polypropylene.

5.Precise molding leaves no sharp edges or flashed drain holes

6.Bottom drain design promotes efficient irrigation.

7.High gloss finish for easy label application and cleaning

8.Smooth matte finish with no jagged edges

9.Durable rims for plant support and easy handling


Application of injection pots

1. Flower base nursery pot and urban landscaping

2. Family flowers

3. Planting vegetables


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