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Application of plastic pallets in the chemical export industry
Jul 05, 2018

Application of plastic pallets in the chemical export industry

With the development of China's chemical industry, the export packaging of goods is getting more and more attention from enterprises. Before the goods are exported, they are usually packed with a packing film, and the following is equipped with a plastic pallet. 


At present, it is more traditional to use wooden pallets to package the goods as a whole. For domestic wooden pallets, the price is relatively cheap, which is one of the reasons for being liked. This is the advantage of wooden pallets, but the procedures for fumigation and quarantine are rather complicated; Plastic trays do not need to be subjected to fumigation and quarantine procedures.


The chemical industry is more afraid of the tide, and it is easy to fade. When it encounters the rainy season, it is more troublesome. At this time, the wooden pallet has been difficult to meet the needs of the chemical industry. The plastic pallet board plays a more important role at this time - the moisture-proof, plastic pallet board is not wet. The environment thus affects the quality of the goods. This is the advantage of the plastic pallets. At the same time, the plastic pallets of the same specifications can be stacked, the appearance is neat and tidy, and the cleaning is easy. It can be slowly obtained with the development of the plastic pallets. Recognition of the chemical industry.


Commonly used one-time export plastic pallet size is generally 1100*1100*150mm black special export plastic tray card board, bagged chemical raw materials generally use 1200*1000*150mm black disposable special plastic pallet, these sizes are related to the containers size. 

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