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Application of Various Plastic Pallets
Jan 13, 2020

1. Lightweight Plastic Pallet

Mainly used to carry lighter cargo. Common is nine-leg plastic pallet, it has advantages of light weight and low cost, can be used with manual forklifts or mechanical forklifts. Common sizes are 1200*1000*140, 1100*1100*140, 1200*800*140, 1200*900*140, etc. 

In addition, this type of pallet can also be nested, which can effectively save space when empty, economic nestable feature saves space and reduces transportation costs. Suitable for some light-weight cargoes. The disadvantage is low load due to structural influence. It is not suitable for mechanical processing and heavy cargo handling.

lightweight pallet

2. Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Mainly used in heavy cargo transportation, with good performance, higher load capacity than wooden pallets, 4 way entry is compatible with nearly all mechanical and manual forklifts. Hand trucks are not suitable for heavy-duty pallets, as hand trucks don't have any security measures, easy to cause personal injury. 

Heavy-duty pallet smooth surface, not easy to scratch the product, not rusty, and corrosion-resistant. Heavy duty pallets expensive, but it has many good performances and will become a leader in pallet industry in the future.

heavy duty pallet

3. Double Sided Plastic Pallet

Both sides can be used as load-bearing surface, easy to operate, has wide range of applications. Double-sided pallets are heavy duty and often used on shelves. According to surface structure, it can be divided into grid double face pallet and flat top double face pallet. According to process, it can be divided into injection-molded pallet and blow-molded pallet.

double side pallet

4. Single Faced Plastic Pallet

According to load-bearing surface, it can be divided into flat top single faced pallet and grid single faced pallet. According to bottom, it is divided into nine-leg pallet, cruciform perimeter base pallet, 3 runners base pallet, etc. Suitable for logistics warehouse turnover, storage, transportation and packaging applications.

single faced pallet

5. Cruciform Perimeter Base Plastic Pallet

Suitable for stacking each other in warehouse, can also be used to storage goods on shelves. With anti-slip rubber mat to keep contents from slipping. Cruciform perimeter base pallets are also a common model for export packaging.

cruciform perimeter base pallet

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