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Carton packaging dedicated pallet load of choice
Dec 13, 2017

Carton packaging dedicated pallet load of choice


     Carton packaging plant on the plastic pallet of the general requirements of not more than a ton of pallet requirements are not too high, so the nine-foot plastic pallet series plastic pallet lower than the other series, it has become the carton packaging manufacturers of choice; of course, 3 bottom skids plastic pallet,  Cruciform Perimeter-Base plastic pallet can also meet the needs of 1 ton load capacity, but nine foot lightweight plastic pallet considering its price more cost-effective. Carton packaging industry generally do not use double-sided structure of the pallet.


    In general, both mesh and flat plastic pallets can be used, except that some of the paper may be more expensive and can not withstand the squeeze. If the mesh plastic pallet is used, the bottom few sheets will often have marks. For this reason, part Manufacturers will choose flat-panel plastic pallet turnover.

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