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Carton packaging industry plastic pallet structure selection
Dec 06, 2017

Carton packaging industry plastic pallet structure selection


Plastic pallet structure is divided into: nine-foot series, Cruciform Perimeter-Base series, 3 Bottom Skids series, double-sided series.


The structure of the plastic pallet used in the carton packing plant is determined by the type of truck selected. Forklift is divided into mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic forklift (commonly known as the small cattle), due to manual forklifts arm has two sliding wheels, so for Cruciform Perimeter-Base series plastic pallet , double-sided plastic pallet , the fork is not very convenient. If you force into the fork, it will cause the fracture fork pallet .


Therefore, for the factory that uses the hydraulic forklift truck, the plastic pallet with field structure and double-sided structure is not recommended. For mechanical forklifts, there is not so much restriction. Plastic pallets of all structures, including nine-foot plastic pallets, 3 Bottom Skids plastic pallets, Cruciform Perimeter-Base plastic pallets and double-sided plastic pallets, can be safely used and can be forked on all sides.


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