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Choose the skills of the rackable plastic pallet
Sep 29, 2017

Choose the skills of the rackable plastic pallet

How to choose the rackable plastic pallet for the small area of the shelves, mainly to the vertical transport of the occasion, mainly to the forklift loading and unloading, so both sides can be single. For the area of large square freight yard, the level of transport-based occasions, if the use of manual pad car is a single-sided, if the use of flexible motor pallet truck with the following no slab of the gap type pad.


There is also a pad stacking machine for multi-stage stacking of the occasion, the lower part of the pad and the lower part of the goods coincide with the following gap between the two sides of the small size of the pad better.


When the inventory is carried out, it is best to follow the location, nature, material, or origin of the goods. The inventory of the audience can also be a group of individuals in a planned order to carry out inventory in accordance with the rack area. Often, each time you start counting the goods, determine the rack area and location of the goods, and the warehouse management system will have a backup of the rack system. This is to prevent an error or an accident Data loss, will not affect the normal cargo access, but also to ensure that the goods on the rack system statistics.


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