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Classification of plastic pallet container.
Jan 30, 2018

Classification of plastic pallet container:

Plastic pallet container is also called plastic pallet box, with bottom pallet and a container body.

The plastic pallet container are classified as follows:

1. An integrated pattern (the pallet and the box body are connected together).

2. Combination pattern (the bottom is the pallet and the upper part is the removable wall).

3. The folding pattern, the bottom bracket and the box wall box are connected, the empty box can be folded inward, greatly reducing the storage volume of the empty box.


One-piece plastic pallet box.

Large plastic card board box with high impact strength HDPE (low voltage high density polyethylene) as raw material, solid pallet box and grid pallet box body using an injection molding technology, product design to tray and housing for the one-piece, is particularly suitable for supporting and manual forklift truck is used, the turnover is more flexible and convenient.


Large plastic container, closed box and large grid pallet box can also according to the practical use of choose and buy accessories are as follows: (1) rubber wheel (generally each pallet containing only 6 rubber wheel, convenient and flexible mobile). (2) The lid of the box cover (the lid of the box is designed to be inverted, and the closure is stronger. After the supporting pallet box cover, it will not affect the stacking of the plastic pallet box and make the stacking effect better.

Tips: you can't load weight on the lid of the pallet box. In the case of a large sealed container box for storing liquid items, the liquid items that are easy to store are removed from the enclosed card box and designed for a more user-friendly design.


Large collapsible box.

Large folding box, pallet is to reduce the storage volume in the chamber and logistics transportation cost and design of logistics products, folding pallet box in inherits the solid plastic box products bearing (1 t dynamic load; Static load 4T is always designed, the material HDPE can handle the impact resistance by foaming. Large folding box surrounded by four pieces of different size on the side plate and the base of the tray style and a side door pickup of the design of door and so on a total of 21 parts assembled, and adopts the twelve mould manufacturing.

Solid Plastic Bin 2.jpg

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