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Common Flowerpot Types
Jan 10, 2020

一、Terra-Cotta Pot

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, terra-cotta pots look great everywhere, their earthy color will enhance the beauty of almost any plant. Made of a porous clay rich in iron, terra-cotta has the ability to “breathe,” Which keeps potting soils cool and absorbs excess water from plant roots, keeping them healthy. The main problem with using terra-cotta pot, is that it is relatively fragile.

Note: Some growers prefer glazed terra-cotta pots, because they hold water more effectively.

Terra-Cotta Pot

二、Plastic Nursery Pot

Lightweight, colorful, easy to use, and cheap. Plastic nursery pots are widely used in soilless cultivation, suitable for planting monstera, calla. Plastic pots can also be used to raise seedlings.

If you want to rearrange the garden, this is the perfect choice. Do not use black, or dark colored plastic pots if your garden will be located in a very sunny location. These colors absorb heat and will get very hot, which can damage tender roots. Light colored containers reflect the heat, keep the roots cool.

Plastic nursery Pot

三、Wooden Plant Container

Wooden planter has very elegant lines and textures, has an idyllic style, one of the most practical and natural containers for gardening. It has good breathability and water permeability, but easy to breed bacteria, so it needs to prevent plant root rot. It can made different shapes as needed, so it’s also popular.

wooden planter

四、Homemade Flower Pot

Flower pots made of various common items in life, with low cost and unique appearance.

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