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Common Problems for Potted Soil
Dec 25, 2019

1. Soil ventilation problem

If potted soil harden, usually the plant leaves will be yellow, root system will be seriously damaged. Many people think that lack of water, they will increase the frequency of watering, causes poor root ventilation and plant death.

In fact, when this happens, you should use tool to loosen the topsoil, then choose a good time to change pots.

flower pot

2. Soil fertility problem

Some plants can survive in poor soils, such as cactus, ferns, and succulents. However, most potted plants require sufficient fertility, flower shop have limited or no soil fertility. At this time, you must add base fertilizer and follow-up fertilizer to supplement the soil fertility.

Improve methods:

a.Artificially loosening soil

b.Apply organic fertilizer. It is best to prepare it yourself, animal fertilizer, rotten leaf fertilizer, etc.

c.Appropriate use of soil loosening agent, preferably less, not excessive.

plant pots

3. Soil PH problems

Plants generally prefer neutral or slightly acidic soils. Organic-rich soils are mostly acidic, barren soils are mostly alkaline. Such as cuckoo, fern, orchidaceae, jasmine like acid soil. Dianthus, cactus, sweet pea prefer alkaline soils.

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