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Design advantage of plastic pallet
Feb 26, 2018

Design advantage of plastic pallet


1. Ultra-light integration structure.

According to the lightweight design, the ultra - light and integrated pallet production.


2. Superior durability.

In terms of impact resistance and durability, plastic pallets formed by injection molding are superior to wooden pallets.


3. Safety of quality.

The size and weight of plastic pallets produced by advanced technology equipment are in line with international standards, easy and standardized.


4. The living space is huge.

The use of four - sided intervention to maximize the use of warehouse space.


5. Quality and forklift anti-skid.

The plastic pallet is equipped with rubber anti-slip mat, which greatly increases the skid resistance of the goods.


6. Cleaning and hygiene

Because of its non - absorbent, not like wooden pallets, the appearance of rot, germs, and so on, washable, clean and hygienic.


7. Easy to use

Light quality, reasonable design, easy to use, good practicability.

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