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Do You Know Enough About The Seed Tray?
Aug 05, 2019

Seed tray made from high quality plastic material, thickness that resists wear, while remaining economical, flexible and durable, it can be reuse 8 to 10 times.


Top lid is made of clear plastic to allow light in, prevents moisture from escaping. It has handle for easy carrying, also have the holes with black turn button that can ventilation and regulating temperature for plants.

The color is black that can protect the fragile roots of plant from sunlight. Tray come with air vents between each cells to increase air flow around the base of seedling and keep plant leaves dry and prevent disease, bottom drain holes for plant root air circulation and drainage, while avoiding water accumulation at the bottom causes plants roots to rot. Level groove at the surface that can disperse excess water evenly, provides stacking notches for quick and easy to stack and move.

YUBO 72H Seed Tray (6)

Seed tray can speeds germination and improves seedling success, it is very practical. Suitable for large-scale production, used to propagation vegetables, flowers, wheat and so on.

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