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Dome lids and Injection-molding seeding tray
Apr 28, 2018

Dome lids and Injection-molding seeding tray

The carton size is 50 X 29 X 56cm. 

And the dome lids itself size is 55*29*19cm, it can fully compatible plastic tray measure 54*27cm. It like a mini greenhouse. 

Firstly, the Dome lid material is PVC,  it has the handle that can take conveniently, 

it also have the holes with black turn button that it can ventilation and regulating temperature and humidity for plants.


There are some description about the Dome lids:

* With humidity control dome, keep the seedlings moist and reduce water evaporation.

* The dome lid features an adjustable dial on top, which allows you to help control humidity and promote ideal growing conditions.

* The humidity dome also features adjustable vents so you can easily control the humidity of your cuttings.

* The extra thick dome keeps moisture in with an included vents to control air flow.


Attached the photos shown: 


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