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Double-sided plastic pallet
Jun 05, 2018

Double-sided plastic pallet:

Double-sided plastic pallet is a common pallet structure in pallet structure.Double-sided pallets are named after the outer features of such plastic pallets and refer to plastic pallets that can be used on both sides of the front and back.Compared with other structural pallets, the most prominent advantage of double-sided plastic pallets is that they can be used for palletizing goods.Double-sided pallets are the most widely used in the chemical industry.

Pallet applications:

According to the pallet forming process, this kind of double-sided pallet can be divided into: one forming double-sided grid and welding double-sided grid tray.Double-sided pallets (double-sided plastic pallets) can be used with palletizer, and are often used for palletizing goods.

1. One-pieces design molded double-sided mesh plastic pallet;

2. Welding double-sided mesh plastic pallet;

3. Plate double-sided welded plastic pallet.

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