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Durable Material for Large Collapsible Pallet Container -HDPE
Feb 28, 2020

Collapsible Pallet Container is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), has the feature of high quality, environmental protection, durability, high anti impact strength, etc.

(PE) as the main raw material (colorless), its color masterbatch (display tray color) is produced by injection molding process. It has the following advantages and characteristics:

1. With non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, safe, hygienic, easy to clean and other advantages, it fully meets the requirements of tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other uses.

2. The pallet appearance is smooth, no burr, flying edge. There is no obvious color difference on the smallest pallet, the same consistent color is the same.

Collapsible Pallet Container

Our plastic pallet containers are made from the most durable and dependable plastics, designed to withstand the shipping process for years to come. The folding design is very convenient, save space and freight cost.

These collapsible bulk containers are ideal for storing and handling a variety of component parts, industrial materials, and commercial supplies. Collapsible large plastic pallet container is mainly used in storage and transportation of auto parts.

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