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Environmental Impacts on Plastic Industry
Aug 31, 2017

Environmental Impacts on Plastic Industry

Under the environmental storm, the plastic industry upstream of a variety of raw materials usher in the "collective price" tide. To recycled plastics, for example, last year EPS brown renewable particles is only 4900 yuan / ton, and now has risen to 7200 yuan / ton. According to incomplete statistics, from April to the present, the national renewable plastics industry has repeatedly price adjustment, EPS renewable particles up to a maximum increase of 2,000 yuan / ton. Of course, the surge in renewable plastic prices is not only the reasons for environmental protection supervision production, prohibiting the import of waste plastics is also very important influencing factors. At present, some companies announced to stop orders, has been out of stock, or even out of stock, tension in the industry brewing and began to spread.

Environmental inspections for the operation rate of the device is also very obvious. To PVC, for example, the domestic PVC enterprises in the past overhaul period focused on the beginning of February and March, subject to environmental protection and other factors, this year, especially in July, August and September overhaul enterprises. According to Zhuo record data, the current long-term parking companies to maintain the three, involving capacity of 680,000 tons, accounting for 3.3% of PVC production capacity; since July shutdown production capacity of up to 3.7 million tons, accounting for about 18% of total capacity. 7-8 months since the environmental factors due to overhaul caused by the decline in operating rate, will be 8 - 11 months, an important reason for the rapid rise in PVC prices.

Downstream market, many environmental protection equipment is not complete, serious environmental pollution of small plastic products enterprises are facing shutting down, especially in Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other regions, such enterprises do not meet the environmental qualification is more concentrated. Shut down in the short term will bring bad to the market, but after scrubbing and elimination, the downstream business integration will be accelerated, for the scale of environmental protection facilities is a good factor.


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