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Factory Direct Supply Silicon Plant Grafting Clip ​for Tomato Growing
Nov 05, 2021

Factory Direct Supply Silicon Plant Grafting Clip for Tomato Growing

Grafting Clip

By choosing the best grafting clips, you can give your newly grafted plants their best chance at a healthy start. Our grafting clips are flexible and durable, with high bite force to ensure safety of plant, and is not easy to fall.

YUBO manufactures Silicone Grafting Clips with high-quality standard and all customized size. We can manufacture Silicone Rubber Tubing and hose to specific size for customer needs, our product is manufacturing under the strict supervision of our quality production team to make sure the products meet customers' specific requirements.

Grafting Clips

Silicone Rubber Grafting Clips Advantages:

▲ Wide variety of size and hardness.

▲ Quality that stands out.

▲ Imparts no taste or odors. 

▲ Competitive price.

▲ Friendly customer support.

▲ Promise of on time delivery.

▲ For any order requirements, contact us now!

Grafting Clip Plastic

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