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Features of Collapsible pallet container
Apr 17, 2018

Features of Collapsible pallet container 

Outside size: 1200*1000*975mm

Internal size: 1110*910*790mm

Folding size: 1200*1000*400mm

 Collaspsible pallet container, also called box pallet or pallet box, is produced from 100% high-strength modified PP or PE. It is resistant to oil, acid and alkali. It is widely used in the distribution and warehousing of automobiles, medicines, fruits and vegetables, and commercial circulation. It can be directly transported by forklifts to achieve rationalization of circulation, improve work efficiency, and facilitate management.


1, one injection molding;

2, using impact resistant material production;

3, can store a large number of large-size goods;

4. The forklift can be used to move, and the four-side forks can be transported by mechanization, which realizes rationalization of circulation, improves working efficiency, makes product turnover convenient, stacks neatly, and is easy to manage;

5, when the empty box can be folded, filled with goods can be stacked on top of each other, significantly improve the space utilization;

6. There is a closeable door on the side of the box to facilitate depositing and picking up the goods;

7, long service life.


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