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Flat surface 3 runners plastic pallet features
Jan 29, 2018

Flat surface 3 runners plastic pallet features

1. Ultra-light integrated structure

According to the lightweight design to achieve the ultra-lightweight and integrated pallet production.

2. Superior durability

In terms of impact resistance and durability, injection molded plastic pallets have unparalleled superiority to wooden pallets.

3. Quality safety

The use of advanced technology and equipment produced plastic pallet its size, weight in line with international standards, easy and standardized operation.

4. great use of space

Quartet intervention to maximize the use of warehouse space.

5. Quality and non-slip truck

The front of the plastic pallet with rubber anti-skid pad, forklift operation greatly increased the skid resistance of goods.

Clean and hygienic

Because of its non-absorbent, unlike wood pallet rot, bacteria breeding and other conditions, can be washed, clean.

7. Superior safety

As the connection parts do not use metal parts, loading and unloading products without damage.

3 YBPP-009 Plastic Pallet Dimension.jpg

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