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flower pots container gardening planting
Oct 20, 2016

   Speaking of flowers with plastic pots, a lot of experienced plant flowers would think both cheap and good-looking. Indeed, plastic flower pots and flowers indeed looks very elegant, and very lightweight, it is also more convenient to move, regardless of where to put in the room will give a feeling of bright spots. 

  In fact, in order to keep a good plastic flower pots also requires a certain skill. 

  First, to enhance its capabilities seepage. Because plastic pots seepage function is often not what we expected better. How then to enhance it? The method is simple: we can put 10 mm to 30 mm broken bricks at the bottom of the plastic pot, so pot seepage capabilities will be greatly enhanced. 

  Secondly, enhanced features breathable pots. General plastic pots because of its texture, permeability may be almost, but it does not matter, We can play some holes in the lower part of the pot evenly, so that will be greatly enhanced permeability in the lower part of the pot. If you do these two points, with a plastic flower pots will also keep healthy, there will be a good growing. info@yubocorp.com

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