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Folding Box Features
Mar 28, 2018

Folding Box Features 

Folded logistics box is produced from 100% high-strength modified PP or PE. It is resistant to oil, acid and alkali. It is widely used in the distribution and warehousing of automobiles, medicine, tobacco, home appliances, and commercial circulation. It is folded and stacked in empty containers. Features, thus saving more than 70% of the stacking space, significantly reducing transportation costs, while supporting the use of 1200 * 800, 1200 * 1000 pallets, can be transported by machinery, to achieve a rationalization of the circulation, improve work efficiency, and ease of management.

1, Empty box can save storage space after folding, after folding can save 3/4 of the storage space, compressed storage surface.

2, no mold draft, folding turnover box capacity than normal turnover box.

3. The bottom of folding turnover box adopts reinforced rib structure, which has greater weight bearing.

4, no side ribs, for the entire plane, to facilitate customers to print a variety of words according to demand.

5, using impact polypropylene as a material, better than ordinary turnover box impact resistance.

6, anti-static folding turnover box can be customized to protect electronic components from damage.

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