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Folding logistics box:
May 18, 2018

Folding logistics box

Folding logistics box is produced by 100% PP material, oil resistant, acid and alkali, widely used in automobile, medicine. The distribution and warehousing in tobacco, household appliances and commercial circulation, which have the characteristics of folding and stacking in empty cases, thus the section.

More than 70% of the storage space, significantly reduce transportation costs, mechanized transport, realized the rationalization of circulation, high efficiency and easy to manage.

1. The storage space can be saved after the empty box folding. After folding, the storage space can be  saved by 3/4, and the storage area is compressed.

2. There is no stripness, and the folding turnover box is larger than the ordinary turnover box.

3. The bottom part of the folding circulating box adopts the reinforcing rib structure, and the bearing     weight is larger.

4. Anti-impact copolypropylene is used as a material, which is better than the normal turnover box.

5. Customizable anti-static folding turning box to protect the electronic components from damage.

Plastic logistics box products are widely used in logistics industry, mechanical chemical industry, airport port, electronic appliances, storage, transportation and other industries.

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