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Food, medicine, printing industry plastic pallet
Apr 09, 2018

Food, medicine, printing industry plastic pallet 

features and advantages:

1, carrying a major, stable stacking.

2, the structure is reasonable, easy to operate.

3, complete specifications to meet the mass production.

4, long life, can be recycled.

5, good quality, special pallets, professional standards.

6. The appearance of the plastic tray is clean, easy to clean, easy to dry, clean and environmentally friendly.

7, plastic pallet without nails and no thorn, in the packaging process will not damage the goods due to accidents.

8, plastic pallet acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, can be used in a variety of special occasions.

9, plastic pallet from fumigation, reduce the procedures for export of goods and speed up the capital turnover.

10, damaged plastic tray can be recycled, processed as raw materials for other items.

11, plastic pallets do not help combustion, no static sparks, have a certain role in the fire protection of the warehouse.

12.  plastic pallets has a long service life, which is usually 2 to 3 times that of the wooden tray, and it can be used 4 to 5 times for reasonable use.

13. plastic pallets can add other chemical materials to raw materials according to different requirements to improve the performance of pallets.

14. plastic pallet is non-toxic and odorless, which will help improve the warehouse environment and will not cause any pollution to the goods, especially food.

15, plastic pallet printing is convenient, can be printed on the tray company logo for company cargo identification, play advertising effectiveness.

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