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Four-Way Entry Fork Plastic Pallet
Oct 28, 2019

With the wide application of plastic pallets, customers needs are also diversified. In order to meet the industry development needs, plastic pallets types have become more diverse. At present, plastic pallets on the market mainly include flat top plastic pallet,  grid plastic pallet, nine foot plastic pallet, cruciform perimeter-base plastic pallet, etc. These plastic pallets have the feature of four-way entry.

plastic pallet


Four-way entry fork plastic pallet, allows fork trucks and hand trucks to enter from all four directions. Four-way entry pallet, when used with forklift, the forklift can be inserted from any direction of pallet, which increases the flexibility of cargo during handling and turnover.

In recent years, with the logistics industry rapid development, the warehousing and logistics industry has put forward higher requirements for plastic pallets. The application of four-way entry fork plastic pallet not only increases the flexibility in cargo turnover process, but also improves the work efficiency. 

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