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Fresh vegetables can not be separated from the plastic turnover basket
Oct 11, 2017

Fresh vegetables can not be separated from the plastic turnover basket

At present, fruit and vegetable ingredients in the logistics process of high cost of circulation, low standardization, loss and other problems prevalent. Compared with the level of agricultural products in the United States, China's agricultural packaging costs as high as 2.9 billion, accounting for about 4.8% of fruit and vegetable production, the United States only 1.5%. Another relevant statistics show that China's current fruit and vegetable circulation rate of about 25%, meat and aquatic products, the circulation rate of corruption were 12% and 15%, while the developed countries, the data in 1.7% to 5%.

The transportation and distribution of vegetables and fruits, mainly including the production, acquisition, transportation, storage, handling, handling, packaging and distribution of fruits and vegetables. At present, there are many problems and contradictions in the circulation of fruits and vegetables, resulting in high loss rate, high cost of circulation and high transaction costs. With the continuous development of logistics and economy, plastic turnover basket has begun to replace the cartons, foam boxes, etc., as the food industry, fruit and vegetable ingredients and other raw materials supply chain link is an essential logistics equipment.

The use of plastic turnover basket to improve the transport of vegetables and vegetables in all aspects of the lean management level, you can let the field of vegetables and fruits in time to the food and beverage stores, and reduce the flow of the process of loss, reduce the cost of circulation and transaction costs. Such as the recycling of the turnover box, combined with RFID and other information technology, agricultural transport and even related areas to achieve logistics, capital flow, information flow integration, can improve the efficiency of logistics operations, reduce logistics costs, and production, transportation, distribution And so on the transparency of each link.


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