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Garden Plastic Plant Support Grafting Clips for Tomato Plant Clip
Oct 15, 2021

Garden Plastic Plant Support Grafting Clips for Tomato Plant Clip

High-quality plastic material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Durable, long service life, will not harm the flower stems. With a quick and flexible release design, it is simple and effortless to provide support for plants and seedling stems.

Plant Clips are perfect for your garden. Lattice clips can make plants take up less area and produce greater yield. Even the smallest area can be turned into a vertical garden without bending or kneeling.

Ideal gardening option-can be used for tomato support, orchids, grape vines or seedlings. Simply clamp the poles to bamboo stakes, tomato cages, or anything that can provide support. Will not damage plants or hinder growth. The plant clamp adopts a quick and flexible release design, which simply and easily provides support for plants and seedling stems.

Plastic tomato clips are mainly used to connect trellis and crop stalks, ensure that crops can grow upright. Smooth edges and rounded to minimize tomato damage, air holes around the clip to prevent from fungus formation. (1)Connect plants to trellis twine quickly and easily. (2)Saves time and labor over other trellising methods. (3)Aired clip promotes better ventilation and helps prevent Botrytis fungus. (4)Quick-release feature allows clips to be moved easily and to be saved and reused for multiple crops throughout a growing season, up to one year. (5)For melon, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, pepper, eggplant grafts.

Truss Support Clip Used in the tomato and capsicum growing industry to support fruit trusses when fruit becomes too heavy, which can ensure better fruit quality and dramatically increase production . (1) Bends as the truss stem grows (2) Adapted for all the varieties of tomatoes (3) With open constructions, flexible, durable (4) Reduce labor intensity & improve efficiency and save time (5) Very suitable for the early stages of the growth in which stems need more contact with open air

Tomato Truss Hook Commonly used to help support tomatoes, cucumbers and any other vines plants, allow plants to grow vertically upward, Prevent branches broken or damage. It is durable, binding save time and labor saving, and efficiency is greatly increased. Great for fixing the plant vines, avoiding the plants winding each other, controlling the growth tendency of plants Used for garden, farm, yard and so on, hold plants securely and ties them to support stakes and branches

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