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Grafting clips for tomato, pepper and egg-plant
Oct 28, 2016

      Grafting clips for tomato, pepper and egg-plant

• Grafting, one of the artificial reproductive methods of plants. 

 Grafting the shoots or shoots of one plant to the stems or roots

 of another plant so that the two parts joined together grow into

 an intact plant.


Grafted clips can be grafted for 2.2-4.5mm seeds, grafting clips

 folder soft, not to hurt the plant, suitable for factory product

 of grafted fruits and vegetables, greatly enhance the grafting 

 efficiency of workers, grafted seedlings with high survival rate.

 Used for grafting watermelon, fruits and vegetables, seedlings 

 and so on 


Plastic Grafting clips, can be used for all types of vegetables 

 and flowers, grafting seedlings, by then, fixed. With support 

 can support young seedlings up.


• Interface good elastic, clip behind the tail, about connecting 

 plywood, can clip higher clamping force. Simple and convenient, 

 Super toughness, no toxic odors, open observation, can be used 


• Good elasticity of the product interface, there is a tail behind

 the clip, connecting the left and right splints, to the clip a 

 stronger clamping force. Simple and convenient, super toughness,

 non-toxic odor-free, transparent and easy to observe, can be 

 used repeatedly.


• Enhance plant disease resistance. Cucumber grafted with black 

 seed pumpkin can effectively control cucumber Fusarium wilt, but

 also can delay the occurrence of downy mildew; with CRP 

 (Eggplant), tomato rootstock grafted eggplant, basically can 

  control the occurrence of Verticillium wilt .


• Increases plant cold tolerance. As rootstocks developed rootstock,

 strong resistance, grafted seedlings were resistant to low 

 temperature. Such as: black seed pumpkin grafted cucumber root 

 elongation at low temperature is good, at ground temperature 

 12-15 ℃, temperature 6-10 ℃, the root can still grow normally.

• Help to overcome the risk of continuous cropping. Cucumber roots

 fragile, avoid continuous cropping, solar greenhouse cultivation

 vulnerable to soil salt and harmful substances, for the black 

 seed pumpkin root, you can greatly reduce the soil salt and 

 harmful substances.

• Expanded root absorption range and capacity. The roots of 

 grafted plants grew more than root seedlings, and absorbed more

 than 30% of nitrogen and potassium, 80% or more of phosphorus 

 in the same area, and could utilize the phosphorus in deep soil.

• Increased production. Grafted seedling stems thick leaves, can 

 increase the yield of 4 percent or more. Early maturing varieties

 of tomatoes for rootstock, early maturing varieties for scion, 

 not only retains the precocity, but also can greatly reduce the 

 results of the period, increase the total yield.


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