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Grafting Principles & Uses
Dec 30, 2019

Graft is grafting one plant branch or bud to another plant stem or root, in this way, a union will be formed, plant will continue to grow. The combined part that provides the root is called the stock, the added part is called the scion. Grafting basic technique include tightly combining scion and stock, so that the callus tissue produced from stock and scion interlocks to form a living continuous connection.


In modern horticulture, grafting has many uses: repair injured trees, produce dwarf trees and shrubs, strengthen plant's resistance to certain diseases, retain varietal characteristics, adapt varieties to adverse soil or climatic conditions, ensure pollination, produce multifruited or multiflowered plants, and to propagate certain species (such as hybrid roses). Rootstocks can also be used to promote the growth of scion cultivar.


Grafting as a means of growth control is used extensively with fruit trees and ornamentals such as roses and junipers. 

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