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Great Value Standard Size Pallet box / Bulk Storage Container
Aug 05, 2021

Great Value Standard Size Pallet box / Bulk Storage Container

Plastic pallet boxes are a variety of storage containers used to stock items that may then be stacked onto a pallet. made of plastic, and available in a wide variety of sizes, plastic pallet boxes are designed to hold smaller items, such as supports, clamps, small pieces of timber, scaffolding parts, and other goods Plastic pallet boxes are available in a range of designs, including handy collapsible pallet boxes and folding pallet boxes which allow for easy access and safe handling of goods.

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Plastic solid boxes are sturdy and reliable. Featuring solid sides and base and smooth inner and outer walls ensure easy cleaning. Manufactured from Industrial quality strength, scratch-resistant HDPE. Available with feets, runners or wheels. 3 Skids on base for forklift or pallet truck entry and safe and secure stacking on racking. Suitable for use in a work or commercial environment. These products are all heavy duty and are designed for long term rigorous use. They are heavily recommended if you are transporting heavy goods. They have been hailed by hauliers as one of the best products on the market.

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Our Great Value Standard Size Pallet box / Bulk Storage Container. Certain pallet boxes are also designed with air holes to ensure adequate ventilation when storing perishable goods such as fish, fruit and vegetables.

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