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Greenhouse Tomato Plastic Plant Clips, plastic tomato clips
Feb 10, 2017

The tomato clips Application:

1. For tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, eggplant ... ... and other eggplant vegetables in the sling on the fixed, with solution and easy hanging, and do not hurt plants and other characteristics. Can also be used for planting seedlings after the cluster of vine fixed to prevent the break or touch off.

2. clips can reduce labor intensity, easy to use, improve work efficiency, easy to harvest, small and exquisite, low cost, can be reused for more than 3 years. Mainly used for eggplant, melons and other facilities, vegetable stems hanging seedling fixed and fast and efficient seedling, instead of the traditional vine and around the vine way to solve the problem of plant growth in the fall Man, to improve crop yield Play a role in promoting the plant without any restraint, so that plants robust growth.

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