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Grid nine feet plastic pallet
Jun 13, 2018

Grid nine feet plastic pallet:

The top surface is mesh shape, and nine at the bottom of the plastic support. According to the shape named 'grid nine feet plastic pallet, belongs to the plastic pallet of light series, used in medicine, food, textile and other light industrial factory, used for moving goods or as the warehouse moisture-proof plastic pallet is used. It has the water absorbability, does not appear like wooden pallet decay, bacteria breeding conditions, can be washed, clean sanitation, light quality, reasonable design, easy to use, strong practicability. 

Application of grid nine feet plastic pallet:

Grid nine feet plastic pallet: Nine feet nine feet most grid pallet model for lightweight plastic pallet, not easy to turnover use or heavy goods shelves, in most cases the nine feet grid plastic pallet is used to warehouse goods pad storehouse board moistureproof, for light cargo turnover can also be used.

               plastic pallet 162 (2).jpg

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