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Growing eucalypts from seed
Nov 08, 2016

        Growing tree from seed tray

28 cells seed tray has large cells, 2.3mm is more po pular and deep hole for the cultivation of trees. Toughness and durability. 


An investment, many years of use. Saving labor, mechanized production efficiency. Saving energy seed and nursery sites. Convenient standardized management, suitable for mechanized transplanting. Suitable for long-distance transport.               

Most growers choose to use the black seed tray, it’s good light absorption, more conducive to seedling root development.


The advantages of using seedling tray :

       (1) save the amount of seeds, reduce production costs.

       (2) Grow seedlings tidy, to maintain the consistency of plant seedling growth.

       (3) can be used with a variety of manual and automatic planter supporting the use of centralized management, and improve work efficiency.

       (4) transplanting does not damage the root system, Seedling growth rapid, high survival rate


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