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Growing Strawberries in a Container
Oct 24, 2016

Strawberries have very shallow roots, so it is easy to grow them in pots,

both indoors and out.You can place your strawberry plants on a balcony.

While potted strawberries can be planted anytime of the year, it is best 

to plant them in spring if they're going to be outdoors as well as indoors. 

1.Choose a potting container with drainage holes.

 •Place broken terracotta or ceramics at the base of the container,

 or large pebbles/small rocks. These will help ensure good drainage.

2. Temperature and humidity

•General potted strawberry temperature requirements in 20-25 degrees Celsius,

 winter temperatures remain above 15 degrees Celsius.

Pots are usually placed in a ventilated sunny place, pots of soil is usually

 kept moist is appropriate


3. Reasonable fertilization

•In order to prevent premature aging strawberries, to re-base fertilizer, 

 timely topdressing and frequent spraying of foliar fertilizer.

4. Full of light 

•strawberries can grow and produce fruit in any container that has good 

soil and gets enough sunlight.


5.Water the plants thoroughly. 

 •Continue to gently water until the pot begins to drain.(Add more soil if 

  necessary—the thorough watering will often collapse air pockets and reduce

  the soil level.)

 •Use a watering can with a sprinkler attachment to avoid eroding the soil.


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