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Hanging Plastic Flower Pot - Create Your Sky Garden
Aug 13, 2021

Hanging Plastic Flower Pot - Create Your Sky Garden

Hanging planter is the perfect decoration to add green for your living space. Apply to home, office, gardening decoration and planting. Bring you a green life and let your house full of vigor and vitality. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

Each bowl is made from injection moulded plastic and includes a sturdy clip-on type hook so you can decide whether you want to hang your plant or place it on a surface, or perhaps you can move it depending on the season.

There is no external saucer, instead there is an internal separator to keep plant roots from being constantly immersed.



Pot inner diameter: 23.5cm/9.25inches

Pot height: 16.3cm/6.4inches

Volume: 5.6L

Hanger length: 46.7cm/18.35inches

Including pot & chain

Our Advantages:

1. Good quality product with reasonable price.

2. Fast response to all your questions.

3. Low MOQ, Customation welcome.

4. Fast Delivery.

Create Your Sky Garden- Applicable to patio, garden, balcony, living room, bedroom, hallway, etc. Beautiful and practical, fresh wild, hanging in any places you like.

Suitable for planting most small and medium-sized plants like peace lily, snake plant, mint, orchid, parlor palm, devil's ivy, or herbs, brightening up your living place.

artificial hanging basket

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