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How Does the Air Root Pot Work?
Dec 04, 2019

Air root pot is a reusable, recyclable plastic container that actively improves the quality of plant roots. Air root pots revolutionizes container cultivation, thanks to the production of a dense root system and eliminating the growth of spiral roots. The shape of the pot guides each root towards a hole where the increase of air in the soil dehydrates the tip, naturally pricking it and stimulating roots to emerge from the stem. As each new root follows the same path to the hole, the process repeats itself, and the plant quickly develops a mass of fibrous roots that are grouted outward. This allows plants to absorb more nutrients and water, which stimulates faster growth. The result is healthier plants, more beautiful and more fertile.

air pot

Plastic air root container can be made to any diameter, variety of heights and can be used as pots with or without base. Suitable for growing flowers, trees, but it works equally well with chillies, peppers, tomatoes, melons, potatoes - pretty much any plant you can think of.

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