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How to choose a suitable gallon pot
May 04, 2017

When choosing the size of your gallon pot , you must think about the final size of your plant. Bigger plants will need bigger containers, while smaller plants grow best in a relatively small container. You need to match the size of your plant with the size of your container.

A general guide is to have up to 2 gallons per 12" of height. This isn't perfect, since plants often grow differently, and some plants are short and wide instead of tall, but this is a good rule of thumb.

So if your final (desired) plant size is...

YB-GP07P (1).JPG

12" ~ 2-3 gallon container

24" ~ 3-5 gallon container

36" ~ 6-8 gallon container

48" ~ 8-10 gallon container

60" ~ 12+ gallon container

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