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How to Choose Seed Tray?
Dec 27, 2019

一、Seed Tray Material

Plastic seed tray can be divided into polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PVC) according to material.


PS material seed tray has good toughness, not easy to break in winter, has high temperature resistance, not easy to deform in hot summer, and it is highly practical. PVC material seed tray has high hardness and durability, but it is relatively fragile, easy to break and deform.


According to its material feature, clear seed tray can be produced, which is the best choice for plants that need photosynthesis in the root system, such as Phalaenopsis.

seed tray material

二、Seedling Tray Specification

Common seedling tray size is 54cm*28cm, specifications of 50 cells, 72 cells, 128 cells, 200 cells, and 288 cells.

Choose the number of seedling tray cells according to seedling size, shape, and type. For example, for smaller seeds such as impatiens, petunia, pansies, vinca, coleus, celosia, 200 cells or 288 cells seedling tray are suitable. For large seeds such as marigold, suitable for 128 cells seedling tray. 

Choosing seedling tray size is very important for plant growth. The proper size of seedling tray is beneficial to plant root growth, plant can reach the optimal growth state. If seedling tray is too large, it is not easy to control fertilizer and watering, this is not good for plant growth. If seedling tray is too small, plant is sensitive to watering and fertilizer, root system cannot be extended, affect plant growth.

YUBO 72T seed tray (1)2

三、Nursery Tray Color

Nursery tray color affects plant growth. Commonly used plastic nursery trays are mainly black, white, and gray. Black nursery tray has feature of anti-aging, long service life and wide application range.


Black nursery tray absorbing sunlight, which is conducive to seedling roots growth, suitable for use in winter and spring. In hot summer, too much sunlight can affect plant growth, so it is best to use white or gray nursery tray.


四、Plant Tray Thickness & Depth

Common plant trays thickness is mostly 0.6mm-1.mm, depth is 3cm-5cm. Grower can choose the corresponding thickness and depth as their needs.


五、Nursery Tray Shape

The shape of nursery tray holes is mainly divided into square and round. Smooth inside of round holes, no right angles around it, conducive to plant root growth, suitable for small crops. Square holes contains about 30% substrate than round holes, suitable for large seedling cultivation.

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