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How to do Plant Cultivation Management?
Oct 25, 2019

1. Moisture management

    Moisture management is core of rapid propagation technology.

    Through the control function of the gap spray of the seedling instrument, plant leaves are kept moisture balance, are not dried and wilted. The ultimate goal of spray is not to increase the seedbed substrate humidity, but to increase leaf humidity.

    In the early stage of each seedling learner, the interval length is best obtained through multiple observations to obtain relevant sensory knowledge and experience.Spray standard for without rooting plants: After the last spray, leaf moisture gradually evaporated until the 2/3 leaves were dry and the 1/3 leaves still had moisture, next spray was started. After the plants are rooted, the time between sprays is gradually extended.

2. Disinfection management

    Seedbed substrate disinfection: Disinfect on substrate without plants, high-concentration disinfectants such as 1% potassium permanganate can be used. Each batch of seedlings should be carefully disinfected to minimize the harmful microorganisms remaining in the previous batches.

seedling tray 2

3. Sunlight management

    Greenhouse cultivation seedlings can be appropriate shaded, general plant can use shade net with 30% shade ratio.

    Full sunlight seedlings don't need to shade, but to prevent sunburn burning.

4. Temperature management

    Cultivate seedlings at natural temperature:

    Just pay attention to open the greenhouse to ventilation and cool down, plus the spray cooling effect, get better seedling effect. Greenhouse cultivation seedlings gradually close the greenhouse when the temperature drops to achieve the purpose of increasing temperature and promoting root growth.

    Temperature control seedling:

    In winter, the temperature of seedling instrument should be set about 25 °C. In summer, the temperature is set about 30 °C.

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